Top Problem Facing Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Top Problem Facing Managed Service Providers (MSPs): Marketing and Sales

Today, it seems that the top problem facing Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is finding ways to scale their marketing and sales operations.  Many MSPs are finding that their lack of investing time and effort into either has become their biggest bottleneck over the last few years.  This, however, presents both a problem and an opportunity for the MSPs that can address it sooner, rather than later.

Brand Management Impact

Yes, this does seem like quite an odd conundrum to have for MSPs; especially given all the numbers that project market growth.  However, Datto, one of the largest players in the MSP space, took some time to ask over 1200 MSPs what were some of their biggest challenges and getting customers was challenge 1.

This makes perfect sense when one considers how many MSPs rely solely on referrals to grow.  We can elaborate on the plethora of reasons why this is not the best way to scale, but for now, let’s agree that the pool of available referrals per MSP is drying up.  

Combine this with the introduction of new players joining the MSP landscape it’s become even more important for MSPs to do what they can to effectively brand, market, and differentiate themselves.  

There are several ways, this can be done, but unfortunately, many MSPs do not know how to or even where to begin.  We’ve touched on this once before.  

However, once you start, the issue becomes, what next?  

The answer is quite elementary.  There are two viable options:

  1. Task someone on the team with creating campaigns

  2. Outsource

There are clear benefits and downsides to each, or rather there used to be.

For those that opt to ask someone on the team, please be cognizant of the fact that this may be completely out of their respective wheelhouse.  This will undoubtedly take them away from other tasks that can probably drive revenue or add more value elsewhere.  

For those that opt to outsource, there may be issues with getting effective leads to sales team members promptly or making sure that your outsource expert actually understands your business and more importantly your market’s needs.  

We at Neon Blue have changed that narrative.  We are the premier firm that was designed specifically to help MSPs scale without risk through effective Branding efforts, system automation, and strategic business consulting.  Our services are designed specifically to help MSPs. We do have over 50 years of combined MSP experience in-house and well over 40+ of combined ConnectWise Manage and Automate experience.  It’s a win-win for any MSP

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