How to Determine Business Maturity

How does one actually determine business maturity?

There are a few ways to determine business maturity.  The level of maturity is important as it is oftentimes directly tied to key performance indicators (KPIs) that organizations rely on to be successful.  The maturity level can determine what needs to be focused on from an optimization and efficiency standpoint. It can also help clarify what solutions to recommend to a particular client.  This is something that all businesses – especially Managed Service Providers should consider when discussing with a prospect or reviewing their own internal operations.  The same questions can apply whether you are the business or the client. 

Here are some questions that help determine business maturity:  

“What is your #1  goal for this business during this year?”

By asking this you can help clarify whether that should be their #1.  Then you can look at how to help them achieve it.  

“What options have you looked at to achieve this…?”

By understanding what a client has done to this point (or is considering), can uncover something that you may not have considered or may allow you to make recommendations about a different way when the client has done it improperly before.

“What is unique about your business?”

Common responses will sound like: “We’ve been in business for X years” and “We have the best service” or “Our quality is just the best”.

You know what? Who cares! None (emphasis on none) of those are reasons for the marketplace to choose your client over the competition.

Help your client by getting them to clarify what exactly is their value proposition, their competitive advantage, the reason the market should choose them over anyone else.

 Neon Blue Determine Business Maturity 

Ask these questions to help challenge your clients and really get the info you need to help them 

“What was the main reason that you wanted to meet with me?”

Most effective when your client does not engage in the conversation the way you’d like them to be. Force them to take notice and tell you why they want to meet. Then come back to those reasons throughout the conversation and remind them of the why while showcasing the value you provide. You don’t do this in a pushy or  Narcissistic way; however, if the client has told you that they want to meet you because they need a consultant that can help them with a particular issue, then focus on that.


For those that feel as if they are looking for ways to determine Business Maturity  or are actively looking for an organization to partner with that will help them achieve new levels of maturity contact Neon Blue; for 60 minutes, we do not mind having conversations about where you are, where you want to be and what you can do to get there.  

Scaling without the risk has never been so easy.

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