Customer Success is the key to anything as a service

In the year 2020, the cost of your services will not ultimately determine whether or not a prospect or existing client will do business with you. 

By then, it will should become abundantly clear that Customer success is the key to anything as a service.  Those who were under the presumption of finding new ways to cut costs and prices so that their business seems more market-friendly and competitive – apologies in advance.  While those are effective, they are not going to keep you in operation throughout this next paradigm shift in business.  Hold on tight, before making those cuts… 

For years, companies have operated under the guise of running their business by the numbers.  Looking for new ways to cut corners, and squeeze that last cent of profitability out of a machine or maximize the amount of work they can get out of each individual on their team – oftentimes causing more problems than resolutions.  Fortunately, times have changed. Now with the wealth of information available at consumers fingertips, most have opted to not suffer through a horrible customer experience – regardless of how much you may potentially save them.

What studies have shown, progressively over time is that the average consumer, will – in fact, pay a premium, if they felt that the experience they were getting were worthwhile enough.  With that being said, companies are now finding the importance of shifting their focuses on customer satisfaction – to customer success.

Customer success, unlike customer service, is focused on providing a holistically positive experience for the customer.  Hence why, Customer success is the key to anything as a service!  This is a very different approach from previously instituted business models, where organizations were solely focused on customer satisfaction scores at a specific touch point.  Meaning that the entire experience is not taken into consideration; instead, oftentimes, it winds up being the last point of contact in which the satisfaction score is geared towards. Now, granted, many organizations will say that it was their initial idea to provide a great customer experience; however, their execution on the said initiative is less than successful.  

Customer success is the key to anything as a service!  Most organizations only measure their customer success at specific touch points. (Ex: Surveys, NPS, etc.)

At a high level this provides a number of ways for the information to become skewed.  

There have been several studies that show, departments will conjure up surveys that ultimately do nothing to gauge the experience of the client.  Additionally, when they are asked to provide information related to the customer experience, they will highlight metrics that highlight one area but fail to address the overall experience. This presents a serious problem for companies as they are unable to truly determine what is causing an unpleasant experience for their clients until clients start leaving.  By then, for some businesses it may too late.

There are new ways that companies, especially Managed Service Providers, can truly take advantage of their unique abilities to provide awesome customer successes.  

One way is by ensuring that you have a clear and consistent marketing strategy that allows you to communicate with your existing client base and new potentials. Managed Service Providers oftentimes forget that their clients need to be communicated to as often as, if not more than, potential prospects.  

Not quite sure your customer experience is where it should be?  Concerned that you may be gathering useless metrics that are not truly getting to the crux of your clients experience?  
No worries!  Feel free to sign up for a free consultation that reviews your Strategy and see what we can do to enhance your customer’s experience with you!

Remember, “A Happy Customer – is a Sticky Customer”

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