Who is the greatest of them all?

Who is the greatest of them all?   

If you are a startup, small business owner or managed service provider, you may ask yourself, “Who is the Greatest?“, in a fashion similar to that fairy tale with the wicked witch.  

Or at least asked, if you are doing the “business” bit correctly at all.

No worries, we help answer that and then some!  

Who are we? Good question…

We are a team of seasoned professionals with a proven track record of success enabling and supporting clients around the globe to truly become captains of their own destiny. But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.  

Over the course of our time employed by major players in the MSP world, we realize that there is a significant gap in services available for Small Business Owners and Managed Service Providers that truly allow them to scale their businesses.  There are some options out there, but that brings us back to the topic at hand, Who is the greatest of them all?

We, at Neon Blue, believe that each of our allies are in business to pursue a goal or dream.  Although, what we have found over the years instead, solo entrepreneurs and businesses alike have become inundated with all of the new tools that require tons of time to configure and set up.  Combined with attempting to perform day to day ops, the other available routes are then ultimately presented with a few options, none of which really address the issue(s).

Unfortunately, what happens is they are forced to either:

  1. Fumble along until they can find the time to dedicate to set up
  2. Add additional headcount to compensate for lack of automation
  3. Dedicate a resource just to managing a task
  4. Attempt to contact the support team, only to be handed a link to a forum post or documentation.  

Sound familiar?  Yea, we know, we hear it A LOT!

Here’s where it gets tricky, after selecting your tool, SMBs and even some MSPs now have to dedicate time to go configure all of this, test and validate functionality, implement processes, all while somehow successfully running a business.     

We’ve heard clients say, they feel as if they are unable to do anything outside of their business.  And for the most part, they are right. That’s not what they signed up.

There was a vision of financial freedom, smiles, laughter, friends and family.  

Regardless, if the above sounds familiar, sorry about the hard dose of reality, but it is what you need to hear.   So if you ever ask yourself, in your respective market or niche, “Who is the greatest of them all?” and the answer is anyone except you, it may be time for us to chat.  

That is who we are.  WE are here to change answer. 

 So let’s try this again… Who is the greatest of them all?

Let’s chat and get to know one another a bit better!  Your business could use at least 60 minutes of your attention.