How do I Market My Business or Service? (Part 2)

So, if you remember, we started this off by attempting to answer the question, “How do I market my business or service?”  If not, feel free to revisit Part 1.

At this point, it is important to note that the inputs of a great marketing effort should focus on the ideal customer.  This brings us back to personas.  They are important and we cannot stress them enough.   In order to effectively deliver on that marketing effort, the team should dedicate some time to creating personas for their particular clients.  


This will greatly help in developing any strategies and tactics moving forward. With that in mind, ask the following when creating the personas for marketing efforts:

  • Do our customers really want that?
  • Should that really be who we target?
  • What’s important to them?

Inputs to great marketing surround the customer.

Neon Blue Consulting Target Persona 

3 aspects you can use to identify your ideal customers are:

  1. Who are your target customers?
  2. How do they view problems or solutions?
  3. How do they buy?


After answering these questions, you should be in a much better position to actually start developing that template.  Just in case, here’s easy to use the template available here.   

Once you’ve worked out your personas, the next likely question many ask is, “What do you focus on now?”

Some will observe what the competition is doing; which is a simplistic way to go about devising a strategy.  

Honestly, once you’ve determined what tactic they have employed, it is considerably much easier to replicate that in some form, execute, and measure the return on the investment accordingly.  We’d advise against doing that, as oftentimes it turns out bad for the antagonist, but c’est l’vie.  

At that point it’s relatively easy, isn’t it?  Rinse, lather, and repeat! 

No, not quite, but you should be in a much better position than you were previously.

If you’re still a bit unclear on, “How do I market my business or service?”, feel free to contact us for a free consultation, we’d be happy to give you some insight!