Impact of Branding on Business and Managed Services

Many unfortunately do not understand the value and impact of Branding on either their Business or Managed Service offering.  

Why did you start your business?  Why did you start your service?

Was it because you have an idea that will change the world?  Was it because you wanted to set out on your own? Was it a scenario that seemed to be thrust upon you out of necessity?

Whatever your reason for starting, take a moment and focus on that… at least whilst reading this thought.

Simon Sinek, a famous TED Talks Speaker, had an interesting philosophy regarding this particular question and the impact it can have.  If you aren’t familiar with the TED Talk, I’d encourage you to take a few moments out of your busy day to watch it, it may have a profound impact on not only you but your organization.

Albeit, for the sake of this post, consider the concept of Why and its impact from a different angle.  

Over the past 15 years,  one of the things I’ve come to realize is that if you can understand the why, creating a strategy to bring that to fruition is relatively easy. Emphasis on relatively. 

How you go about delivering or explaining your way to the market is a battle in and of itself.

The most successful business owners know exactly how to explain their why and understand the impact of Branding on Business

Neon Blue Impact of Branding on Business Consider Simon Sinek's Why 

You’re why (whatever it may be) should have its strong gravitational pull.  One reason for that is that why with gravitational pull will give you the gusto needed to keep pushing forward to either trailblaze a new path or start building your bridge when there isn’t one available.    

More importantly, the why (depending on it) should and will eventually begin to draw in others.  That should be the ultimate goal.  You know why you’re in business, but does anyone else?

And if they do know, what kind of message are you sending about your ability to deliver said product or service or about your company in general?  

Consider the fact that many customers will continue to do business with your company based on the Why.   That is one of the essential concepts of effective Branding and therein lies the impact of branding on business.  An effective Branding strategy can help get that out to your existing customers and potential.

What your Brand looks like can make a difference.  Consider how Starbucks can sell their coffee at premium prices… Answer: Branding.  

With an effective Branding strategy, your message can become crystal clear, your customers can have something to associate themselves with and more importantly, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and potentially charge a premium for your service or product.  Our team here at Neon Blue can help you focus your why and develop a Brand that allows you to stand out and stand tall!

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