How do I Market My Business or Service? (Part 1)

How do I market my business or service?

Many Entrepreneurs and even seasoned business owners oftentimes ask themselves, “How do I market my business or service?”  That common question is normally followed by:

  • Do I use Content Marketing
  • Should I develop some Guerrilla Marketing tactics?
  • Is Social Media Marketing really a thing?
  • Does Email Marketing still exist?

Here’s the conundrum with answering any of those questions.  Avoid answers, advice or insights that are founded on assumptions.  

One way to appropriately answer that question, is by first being able to answer the following:

  • Who are YOUR customers?
  • What MOTIVATES them to purchase?
  • What would they LOVE about your offering?
  • How do they make purchase DECISIONS?

If you know the answers to the above – great!  You are in a great position to move forward!  If not, start there, otherwise anything else will be considerably more difficult to accomplish.  

Use a Persona Template as it will help devising strategies and tactics infinitely easier. Here’s a guide that’s been used by over 100,000 businesses to date.  

Neon Blue Consulting Content Marketing Info graphic 

Be clear:  Branded Content Marketing can have a HUGE impact on your ability to attract new business or continue serving existing clients.  

To that end, it is important that you try to be as accurate with your data before beginning to take steps to create a message and devise a strategy for delivery.  When that happens you will have the beginnings of a solid foundation to curate the best message you possibly can so that you can have the biggest impact possible.  

So when one asks, “How do I market my business?”; depending on what kind of marketing specialist you speak with, it will be whatever niche they happen to specialize in.  

We prefer to respond with two very simple questions.  “What do you do?” and “Why should anyone care?”  Once answered, we can start diving into the rabbit whole that got you here to begin with – the “How?”

Neon Blue can help you with creating an effective branded marketing strategy and then some…

Fortunately, Google can provide insight into those “How do I ____?” and should give you a good means on how to do it.  After performing a simple search, you can do what up to 49% of entrepreneurs do, and try and tackle this on your own; however if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, the best realize, asking for a little help can go a long ways… 

Either which way…

Once done, you are ready for the next steps… Stay tuned for Part 2