How Marketing and Lead Generation Impact Sales

How Marketing and Lead Generation Impact Sales


The simple fact is that Marketing and Lead Generation Impact sales.  To be quite frank, they impact sales across pretty much any industry. For now, let’s focus on MSPs.  

Ever wondered how you sell your Services?  Well, if you had never considered how, you will eventually.  We’ve mentioned once before the importance of Customer Success and how you should develop yourselves to ensure that your Managed Service offerings are built to do just that.  Assuming you were able to make adjustments within your organization that allows you to curate an awesome customer experience, then you should be in a prime position to start creating a funnel that will provide great leads and opportunities for your MSP.

Marketing and Lead Generation Impact Sales

What does Marketing have to do with Sales?  Simply put, a lot!

If Sales’ purpose is to close potential deals, it’s Marketing’s job to get the deals.  With that being said, it is important to note that not all Service Providers offer the same services, nor are all deals the same.  Deals come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s Marketing’s job to ensure that Sales is able to close the deals regardless of any deviations between potential clients.   

In fact, it’s Marketing’s job to help move clients down the funnel that Sales team have revolved around for what seems like centuries.  Unfortunately, a contributing factor to poor sales is lack of support in the funnel.

Lead generation is important.  There is no way around it. Regardless of how your organization is getting leads, Marketing can take all the information from within all the potential client touch points and turn that into content that helps driver further interaction down the funnel.  The content, should be designed so that you can ensure that your clients understand what separates you from your competition. This further helps take the load off of your sales team as well, by hopefully answering a ton of questions that clients would normally occupy their precious seconds asking.  

Another, probably more important reason for developing content, is to get eyes on your website.  Content helps drive traffic to your site and pretty much anyone will tell you, traffic can turn into revenue.  

Either by driving further interaction down your funnel or by sending traffic to your website where you can ultimately close deals faster, Marketing is important in being able to help positively impact sales within any organization.  

How are your marketing efforts holding up in today’s new marketplace?  There are plenty of ways to effectively market; however, employing an effective Branding strategy can go a long way in ensuring that your able to attract clients quicker, retain them longer and ultimately safe guard your MSP for years to come.

If you are considering taking a look at your marketing machine and see where you can potentially make improvements, feel free to reach out to us!  We’d be more than happy to spend 60 minutes with your team to see what, if anything, can be done to assist!