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Case Study: The online moving quote challenge

Challenge:  About 70% of Pack & Load Services customers book a single container move.  these interactions could have only been done via phone prior to neon blue accepting the challenge.  We aimed to hit 4 specific goals:  

  1. Enhance customer experience
  2. Automate booking process
  3. Reduce load on customer staff
  4. Shorten time scheduling and booking

The Pack & Load Booking Form

before We added the right elements

...it was just an elaborate contact form

Pack and Load services specializes in the load and unloading of popular moving containers. They act as a third party and handle the loading and unloading of containers, moving services, and moving protection products.  Some questions that needed answers: 

  • How Can We Provide Accurate Quotes Online?
  • Can we ensure the online booking process is simple and easy to use?
  • To truly automate this can we process payments upon completion with Authorize.net?
  • Can we ensure that the user and Pack & Load agents receive notifications of every quote created? 
  • What is someone does not want to fill out a form?  Can we connect them to an agent faster and easier? 

What impact does 1 form have
on the experience for everyone?

The Original Form Required Pack & Load Service
Customer Service Reps To: 

  1. Call The Customer
  2. Gather More Details
  3. Generate A Quote,
  4. Collect Payment
  5. Confirm Payment

Once that is done, they are still required to Follow Up With the client Prior To The Appointment As A Reminder


The Original Form Required Pack & Load Service
Prospects and customers to:

  1. Fill out information
  2. Wait or potentially shop a competitor
  3. Schedule a call
  4. Wait for a Quoate
  5. Provide Payment Information

And receive a confirmation call for the appointment

The Pack & Load Booking Form

after We added the right elements

New Form Reduces Multiple Customer Touchpoints to One Singular Robust Experience

Now with their new and improved booking form, they can offer their customers a single place to get an accurate quote, upsell their services, force the client to abide by their booking time restraints, and send email confirmations to the customer.


Added Benefits to Pack & Load Team Members

Accurate Quoting With Conditional Pricing:

Whether customers are booking a loading or unloading quote, P&LS offers two pricing variations Flat Rate & Hourly. This booking form has a formula that is able to provide an accurate quote, and present the user with a quote for both pricing models.

Request a Call or Save Your Form

If the user makes a selection that requires additional information the form sends the user to a request a call page. This allows Pack and Load to appropriatly schedule and forecast the number of calls for each of their customer service shifts.

If the user for whatever reason cannot complete the form, they have an option to save the form, and a link will be sent to their email to continue later.

Complete & Incomplete Quote Notifications:

Any Time A User Errors Out Of A Quote, Requests A Call, Or Views Their Quote, Pack And Load Services Is Sent A Copy Of The Users Incomplete Quote. With The Time Their Customer Service Agents Save Time Pushing Single Container Quotes Online, Leaving Them To Follow Up Of Real Leads, Complex Bookings, And Appointment Reminders.

The Payment Processing Integration
Authorize.net CIM + Gravity Forms + WordPress

Customer Profiles

You can use customer profiles to enable merchants to tokenize and store sensitive customer payment information on our secure servers, which simplifies PCI DSS compliance as well as the payments process for returning customers and recurring transactions. For Customer Profile API reference information, see the API Reference Guide.

By providing quick access to stored customer information, Authorize.Net Customer Profiles are ideal for businesses that:

  • Process recurring transactions in which the date or amount or both are different each month; for example, utility companies.
  • Process usage charges that you bill only when the service is used; for example, pay-as-you-go cell phones.
  • Are concerned with PCI compliance.
  • Want to provide returning customers with the convenience of not having to re-enter personal data.

Our custom solution

Create a Customer Information Manager profile (CIM Profile) through Authorize.net.

  • Upload the CIM Profile plugin and activate.
  • Enter your Authorize.net settings in Forms>Settings>CIM Profile
  • Create a Feed in your form mapping your form fields to any required fields in your form that you want sent to Authorize.net. You can map address, email, description and customer id fields to send to Authorize.net. This step sounds hard but it is super easy. Just matching up the fields in simple terms.
  • Choose to validate the card or not in Live Mode (billing fields required for validation). If you want to make sure the card is valid before storing the data, you can.
  • Choose whether to fail the form if the profile creation fails or allow the form to submit anyway.
  • Conditional Payment Processing Options
  • This plugin does not charge the customer. It only creates a profile. To charge the customer.

The Profiles API Supports Integration With A Web Site Payment Form Or A Proprietary Business Application. The Profiles, Which Include Payment And Shipping Information, Can Then Be Referenced In Future Transactions, Eliminating Steps In The Transaction Process For Repeat Customers And Potentially Increasing Customer Loyalty.

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