We Challenge Businesses and Leaders

to enhance even their status quo

Here's How...

Our process has been methodically designed so that we can focus on opportunities that lie within each business.  It provides us the ability to capture value across boundaries, eliminate chaos and capture value across a business unlike other agencies.  Neon Blue has a unique multiplier effect that comes from optimizing specific facets of your business, not just the individual parts



What Is Your, “Why?” What Is Your Big Goal? During This Part Of Our Process We Like To Ask Questions. This Helps Establish The Baselines For Success, Grounds For Proper Communication And A Strong Bond Between Us And Our Partners.



we will conduct research on your behalf that will help us further review your business, its market and your organization’s stance in it as it compares to the competition.



The reality check is designed to show you the potential outcomes based on our research of your organization, it’s market and where you stand against your competition. This is where we establish what success can look like for you!



we design all engagements for clients upon request. It is a step by step guide designed to validate the Reality Check. While planning and developing, we work alongside your organization to identify the variables in your environment and create a unique strategy and theme for accomplishing your fiscal goal(s).



we record each step of the project and analyze the data upon completion so that you can see the data points we’ve impacted as we execute the plan.


Measurement & Optimization

We review the process and determine next steps for growth. This allows us to either continue on or shift gears to address other areas and allow you and your team the ability to see the rest of a plan to fruition.