6 Step Elemental Ronin Process for working with Retainers:

Achieving Success through a Code of Honor and Integrity

Here's How...

Our process has been methodically designed so that we can focus on opportunities that lie within each business.  It provides us the ability to capture value across boundaries, eliminate chaos and capture value across a business unlike other agencies.  Neon Blue has a unique multiplier effect that comes from optimizing specific facets of your business, not just the individual parts

This helps to establish clear expectations and a common understanding of the engagement. By understanding the process, the retainer will have a better understanding of what to expect from the Ronin, and what is expected of them in return. This helps to minimize the risk of misunderstandings, delays, and other issues that can arise when expectations are not aligned.


Selecting the Ronin:

The retainer selects a Ronin's service based on their needs, goals, and fit with their needs. This involves selecting a service. Once a service has been selected, a member of our team contacts them to begin the engagement process.


Define The Quest:

The Ronin begins by defining the quest or mission that they will undertake for the client. They focus on understanding the client's needs and goals, and developing a plan to achieve them.


Forging the Contract:

Once the quest has been defined, the Ronin and the client work together to forge a contract that sets out the terms of their engagement. This represents a solemn agreement between the two parties, and sets the stage for the work to come.


Assembling the Team:

The Ronin assembles a team of warriors with the skills and expertise needed to undertake the quest. Each team member brings their unique strengths to the table, and they work together to achieve success.


Mapping the Journey

The team maps out the journey ahead, breaking it down into manageable steps and establishing key milestones along the way. They work closely with the client to ensure that the plan is aligned with their needs and expectations.


Undertaking the Quest

With the journey mapped out, the Ronin and their team set out to undertake the quest. They are focused and determined, and are prepared to overcome any obstacles that they encounter along the way.


Honoring the Code

Throughout the quest, the Ronin team remains committed to their code of honor and integrity. They keep the client's best interests at heart and strive to deliver the highest quality work possible. They communicate regularly with the client to ensure that their needs are being met, and are always willing to adjust their approach if necessary.