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As an esteemed attendee of ITN Secure 2023, we are delighted to provide you with complimentary access to these free Transparent Security Resources, a collection of content examples and information provided by Neon Blue, the frontrunner in impactful Go-To-Market Strategies and Product Marketing since 2018.  

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Harness the power of Cybersecurity with Transparency.

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Empower Your Transparency

This package includes training and enablement content, a sample security report email designed to communicate transparency, a compelling security webinar example, and a comprehensive webinar guide. 

With these free resources, your MSP can start to become more transparent in your cybersecurity engagements, foster a culture of transparency, enhance communication channels, and deliver increased value to your clients and margins your bottom line

What’s inside?

  • Training and enablement topics that can be tailored to your needs
  • Transparent communication example of sample security report email
  • Engaging security-focused webinar examples for prospects and customers
  • A comprehensive webinar guide to enhance your webinar strategies
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Transparent Benefits

With this package, Neon Blue hopes to empower your MSP to become more transparent with cybersecurity, enhance communication, and deliver engaging content that drives awareness and momentum for your MSP. Embrace Transparency in Security to bolster your perceived security posture and demonstrate your commitment to protecting your business and stakeholders.

Empower Transparency through Comprehensive Training and Enablement:

Equip your workforce with a diverse range of training modules, covering essential security concepts, best practices, and role-specific training.

Communicate with the Sample Security Report Email:

Utilize the provided sample security report email to communicate your organization's security efforts, incidents, and ongoing initiatives effectively.

Transfer Knowledge with Engaging and Impactful Webinar Content

Leverage the security webinar example, to feature expert presenters in your MSP, to deliver dynamic sessions on critical security topics.

Customizable Content Designed to Get Any MSP Started with Transparency

Customize the content to align with your organization's unique skills, offerings and brand, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.